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5 January, 2015

Writing Days

Tuesdays are staff days.
Wednesdays are office days, bulletins, newsletters and people stopping by.
Thursdays are meetings.
Fridays and Saturdays are my “days off.”
Sunday is hectic and often unpredictable. Not to mention exhausting.

But Monday. Ah, Monday.

Monday is my writing day. And so on Mondays, I write. I write newsletter articles, sermons, and thank you notes. And I try to read. The Bible. The commentaries. Twitter. Anything that interests me.

So my office on Monday moves from the bed to the sofa to a coffee shop. And my view ranges from a computer screen to an ereader to a group of strangers.

How does your week go?

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Lia Scholl


2 thoughts on “Writing Days

    Monday is always welcome for it’s relative openness. It’s the day I review my calendar for the week, checking in on what is constant and what has changed. It is the segue way to unseen possibilities.

    Bravo! Sounds like a plan and you let the flock know. Nice.

    My transition in work life is, well, transitioning, so I am committed to learning new tricks for efficiency and productivity. Evernote is my latest efficiency learning curve.

    Always save my morning hours – 5:00 a.m. till about 9:00 a.m. – for reading, study, and prep. Breakfast and shower are thrown in the mix.

    Onward and upward…

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