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15 January, 2009

Umm… Mind Your Boundaries, Please

I led a discussion on boundaries today for a Peer Learning Group of ministers. It was a fun group, and they didn’t mind a little ribbing coming their way. But the topic, boundaries, really made me think some more about life and blogging. I’d like to be very clear about my boundaries.

Physically, you’re welcome to come into my space, if you are invited. Do you hear that, Mr. Kiss-Me-on-the-Mouth-on-Christmas-Eve-at-a-Church-I-Don’t-Even-Attend? Kissing is really something I only do with people I like, you know, that way. Don’t come any closer. Or I’ll do the karate chop salad mixer* on your ass.

Emotionally, I’m only going to be friends with people I want to be friends with. That leaves you out, Mr. I’m-Your-Ex-Whatever-and-Can’t-Figure-Out-Why-You-Don’t-Friend-Me-On-Facebook? Yep, you heard right. I’m de-friending you. And when you send me a note to ask why, I’m going to reply, “Really, are we friends?”

Sexually, I’m really only going to be sexual with people that I know, and that I already like. I’m sorry, Mr. I-Just-Met-You-On-OkCupid-and-Think-I’d-Like-to-Have-Phone-Sex-with-You. You’re not on the list today.


Spiritually. I have the right to believe what I believe and speak my mind on any issue. And so do my friends. Yep, that’s to you, Ms. I-Can-Shut-You-Up-by-Saying-You-Are-My-Enemy-or-Privileged-or-Demon-or-VICTIM. Your name calling doesn’t work, and I won’t be quieted.

*The karate chop salad mixer is best illustrated visually. Stand with both arms outstretched to your sides, parallel to the ground. Swing your midriff from side to side, swinging your arms. Hit anything that comes into your range.

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Lia Scholl


5 thoughts on “Umm… Mind Your Boundaries, Please

    Love this post. All of it is so true! And glad to see you blogging again. Once a blogger, always a blogger, I’ve found. 🙂

    Thanks, Amber Rhea. You inspire me!

    “Or I’ll do the karate chop salad mixer* on your ass.”

    Hee! Can you teach me that move the next time we get together? I’ll show you how to do the Angry Duck Face.

    Hey, what happened to the sermon you posted? I was about to leave a comment saying I really liked it!

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