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18 October, 2015

The Prison of Bitterness

Based on Ruth 1:1-24 The book of Ruth is found just after the Book of Judges. In the first sentences, the book of Ruth places itself in the time of judges during a time of famine. Naomi, her husband and sons, move to Moab, where the sons marry. Then the father dies, the sons die, […]

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11 October, 2015

Finding Our Place in the Story

Based on Deuteronomy 6:1–21; 6:4–9 I was talking with a friend of mine this week. She’s the pastor of a congregation in a situation like many congregations. It’s a congregation in danger of dying. With an aging population, a neighborhood around them where the demographics are completely different than the families who are members of the […]

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9 October, 2015

Tents and Revivals

Based on Mark 10:17-31 I read an article in Christian Century by Craig Barnes, the President of Princeton Divinity School. In it, he said, “I can still smell the wet canvas and sawdust of my father’s revivals. Like many old-school country preachers, he believed that any self-respecting revival was held in a tent.” Do you […]

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26 September, 2015

The Struggle Is Real

Please do not consider this sermon an endorsement of the Urban Dictionary. But have you ever looked up any words in the urban dictionary? On their homepage, they have daily definitions, just to keep you hip. One day this week, it was the phrase, “more issues than Vogue,” as in this conversation: a young woman […]

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20 September, 2015

Sarah Laughed

On September 11, 2001, I was serving my first church. It was my home church, Southside Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and I was serving (as women often do just out of seminary) as their secretary. It was my first week of work there. In fact, it was my first Tuesday. I walked into the […]

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