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19 November, 2008

Money and Calling

My mom always wonders at the fact that calling is imminently connected with money. Preachers always seem to be “called” at the church that pays the most. And they’re always “called” again when someone offers them a job for more money.

I’m not sure that this is always true, although it is true in some situations.

I know more people who have felt “called” to something that definitely won’t pay. Jobs, that should they be taken on, have no promise of making bank. So most of my friends are busy creating other jobs to go along with their “calling” to pay the bills.

One of the best cases in point is my friend Suzanah Raffield. Suzanah is working on a project called birthing hope. Her supporters come together to have a baby shower. Instead of showering one baby, they shower 65, building birthing kits for trained birthing attendants to use in the developing world. You can find out more here. But what’s really cool is the ‘day’ job she’s created to finance her dreams at birthing hope. She will handwrite thank you notes and letters for you. Busy bride? Contact ahandwrittennote. Busy new mom? Contact ahandwrittennote.

And the amazing thing is, you can really change the world WHILE getting one of those guilt-ridden, things-to-do items off your list.

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