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18 February, 2015

Lent 2015—Day 1

Watering the Plastic Plant
Watering the Plastic Plant

It’s Ash Wednesday. It’s the day that we remember that we all come from dust and to dust we will return.

How do you want to spend the time you have left? Do you want to spend it fighting the dust bunnies in your home? Do you want to spend it reading Facebook posts? Or what about pushing paper across your desk? Or do you want to spend it acknowledging God, being present with your friends and family, and finding meaning in the work you do?

I’m working to weed out the plastic plants—those things I attend to in my daily life that do not have any meaning but take a lot of energy. One item is my phone. I spend hours on it each day, and I am certainly not talking on it! I have removed some apps that I use to just waste time. Instead, I’ll be carrying around a book…

And I’ll try to create a little art every day. Join me?

If you’re in Winston-Salem, we’ll have an Imposition of Ashes and Communion service this evening at 5:30 at Davis Chapel on the Wake Forest University campus.

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