6 April, 2012

Learning by Applying

It’s amazing to me how much I’m learning about myself in applying for jobs. First off, putting down all my skills really focuses me on the fact that I’ve got MAD skills! It also shows off my rather renaissance quality about my skills—I do a lot of things, all of them pretty well, but I’m not too focused on one thing. I like that!

I also have learned a lot about myself in job interviews. First, I realize that I really don’t ask very many questions. I think I don’t trust the answers. Instead, I learn by watching people, hearing how they share with one another, how they treat each other. Often the questions they ask say more about the organization than about me. Second, I’ve learned that my viewpoint has softened over the years. I used to go into interviews trying to prove my point. Now I realize that my point isn’t so off from anyone else’s. It’s just by degrees.

Finally, I’ve learned a lot about what I want. I want to work in a place that honors my faith, rather than feeling like I have to apologize for it, or soften it, or even make excuses for it. I want to work somewhere where I can say, “I feel like God is leading me…” or “I learned today in my prayer time…”

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