17 July, 2009

Homosexuality: A Sermon

I’m doing a series at church on Romans. Last Sunday, I preached on Romans 1:18-32. Normally, I put the text up on this site. However, I am not writing a manuscript for this series. I’m preaching off the cuff. So, instead, I’m putting up the recording of the sermon.

The sermon opens with me say, “Homosexuality. I’m for it.” First I recap the bad news about our treatment of homosexuals. Then I remind everyone that 1) we can’t make Paul say what we want him to say (ever), and 2) Paul would have no concept of homosexuality as we know it now, as a way of being (as opposed to an act). The Romans passage, I maintain, is not really about homosexuality at all, but, according to Tyler Wigg Stevenson, about hyper-sexuality. And that hyper-sexuality is not cured by more sex. Then there’s good news!

Go listen! Lia Scholl, sermon on Romans 1

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