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13 December, 2014

Clean Out Your Closets?


Today’s #rethinkAdvent prompt is “Clean out your closets.”


All this really important, big things around the world, and someone thinks that I should clean out my closets? I mean, it’s a good idea to give away the things in your closet that you’re not wearing, pass them down the line. But today? When there’s real stuff going on?

Because there is real stuff going on.

Hello? Do you hear me? There’s real stuff going on!

There are people dying. There are people who are sad. There are people who have been injured. There are people who are trapped in their circumstances. There are people who are protesting in the streets in cities all over the United States–heck, all over the world! There are people who can’t afford to pay their electric bills. There are people who are hungry. There are people suffering from Ebola.

It’s just not right.

And you want me to clean out my closets.

Not only that, you want me to be happy about Advent and Christmas.

Not today, Lord. Not today.

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Lia Scholl


One comment on “Clean Out Your Closets?

    Oh! Murder, muck and mayhem. Just exactly the best atmosphere in which to clean your closet. Subjectively, it makes you feel better. Feel better in the sense that your physical house is a bit more in order, and with further reaching potential, it is another link in the chain that frees your psychic energy for better use elsewhere. Extending to someone in need, for exsmple. Or writing a politician to say exactly how you feel. Or freedom to not fret fruitlessly over the travesties that are not a finger tip away for you at this moment of the World. Or freedom to pause in stillness and prayer. Envisioning not merely a better way, but a Best way for things to be. Muck, murder, mayhem. All around you. Crawl deep, deep into that closet. Do it today.

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