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12 December, 2014

Healing Spaces

Today’s #rethinkAdvent prompt is “Healing spaces.” I’ve just moved into a new apartment. It’s really cool, with 15 foot ceilings, white walls, concrete floors, and a great big window that faces south. It stays dark in the morning until about 7, and at about 3:30 in the afternoon, the sunshine can blind you. Everything that […]

11 December, 2014

Be a Prophet?

Today’s #rethinkAdvent prompt is “You don’t want to be a prophet, but be one anyway.” Nah. Let me tell you a little bit about what they do to prophets. They push them out doors and over cliffs. They besmirch their names. They sit idly by while the prophets starve on hunger strikes. The lock them […]

10 December, 2014

Your Whole Being

Today’s #rethinkAdvent prompt is “Ask the questions and then live them.” What questions are you asking? I’m asking questions about a police state. I’m asking questions about prison reform. I’m asking questions about my own privilege. But all I keep reminding myself is words from Rumi: “Seek the path that demands your whole being.” Ask […]

9 December, 2014

Slow Down

The #rethinkadvent prompt today is “Slow Down.” In ministry, slowing down is not always an option. Come on. It’s Advent. You’ve been invited to 5 parties this week, 3 lunches, you have services to prepare, and it seems as if everyone is either sad and needs some pastoral care, or is sick and you’re rushing […]

9 December, 2014

Sit with It Awhile

Today’s prompt is “Sit with it awhile.” We try too often to numb out, push past, move through. Feelings are hard. And most of us try to avoid them. Instead, we should FEEL our feelings. When we’re angry, we should feel it. When we’re sad, we should feel it. When we’re jealous, feel it! There’s […]

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