22 November, 2013

A Word from My Guru


“There is a spirituality to every kind of theater, and what, I ask you, is more theatrical than a woman doing her best to work it? Costume, makeup, inhabiting a role so thoroughly you’re transformed by it—it’s all there. God’s loving acceptance is a come-as-you-are proposition, but it’s my secretly held belief that every time you step out in something a little flashy, a million glittery angels chorus a resounding “Yes!” Then you peel off the false lashes, get back into your jeans and boots or yoga pants and roll onward, refreshed and inpsired by the knowledge that somewhere between God and glamour, grace prevails.”

~Lily Burana, “Sexy dresses that barely fit,” http://www.salon.com/2013/01/02/sexy_dresses_that_barely_fit/

If you don’t know Lily Burana, please go find Strip City immediately, if not sooner. Check out her website at www.lilyburana.com. Lily Burana is a woman who knows femininity and spirituality, and strength, power, and grace.

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