24 September, 2013

Unfettered Update


There’s only one thing better than being unfettered.

That’s being surrounded by the love and friendship of people you hold dear.

I spent the day in Chattanooga, with some very dear friends. Two of whom are seminary mates from years ago. In fact, while I was at lunch with these two friends, I laughed so hard my stomach muscles are sore. The phrase for the day was “I aim to kill you with it.”

Here’s the thing about true friendship: it never ends. Those friendships that were forged in shared hardship and supporting one another never break. They roll in and out of your life, but those friends still hold your memories, still lift you up, and still challenge you to be better and love deeper.

True friendship holds on
It is there when you need it
Even when you don’t

So being unfettered is an illusion. I will always be tied to you, dear people whom I love and whose love I hold so dear.

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