Things I Wish I Had Learned at 24 (instead of 42)

9 April, 2010 Posted by liascholl

Loving what you do is really important. But so is a paycheck.

Real, abiding love takes commitment and compromise, and is much easier to find and do before you become a crotchety old woman.

Boundaries are important, and you should always take your time learning to trust people. Make sure they deserve it.

A life ruled by “shoulds” is no fun, but a life ruled by “because I want to” is not too rewarding. Balance.

Love and partnership is important.

Acceptance and gratitude are the greater part of love.

2 Responses to Things I Wish I Had Learned at 24 (instead of 42)

  1. Happy Birthday, Rev. Glad to read your wisdom this morning.

  2. I don’t know if it’s possible to learn these things at twenty-four.

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