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19 May, 2010

Writing, Blogging, Preaching, and Being Busy

I miss writing. Well, more specifically, I miss blogging. I’m still writing sermons, although they feel more raw, more private, and even more confidential than before. So I’m not posting them anymore. But I haven’t written here since I really got going on my new job. Maybe it’s because I’m learning so much new stuff. […]

14 August, 2009

Sex Worker Rights Are Human Rights

Nine women have disappeared in a community called Rocky Mount, N.C. Six have been found. Dead. So decomposed, that investigators cannot identify how they were killed. You can read about it here. They were sex workers. I’m heartsick. This is why I favor decriminalization of sex work. On December 17, 2008, I joined nearly a […]

23 June, 2009

Leaving Sex Work

Yeah, I know, I didn’t really LEAVE sex work, since I wasn’t exactly in sex work. But in some ways, I was… I announced that I was leaving Star Light in the end of December, although I actually resigned from my position in late October. So now I’m technically 6 months out of it. I […]

15 February, 2009

How To Be An Ally to Sex Workers

This is from SWOP, the Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago, a Chicago community of sex workers. For those of you in professional ministry, this is a great list of “How-To’s” for any community. 1. Don’t Assume. Don’t assume you know why a person is in the sex industry. We’re not all trafficked or victims of abuse. […]

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