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6 April, 2014

Oh, Oh, It’s Magic! a sermon

A sermon based on Luke 18:1-14 Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic formula for prayer? A specific prayer that you could say, perhaps over and over, and get exactly what you want and exactly what you deserve? Wouldn’t it be great if every person who prayed, believing in healing, got healed? And […]

30 March, 2014

Soul of a Man

Prior to the sermon today, we heard the song Soul of a Man by Blind Willie Johnson. Blind Willie Johnson A sermon based on Luke 15:11-32, the story commonly called The Prodigal Son. That song we just heard was written by Blind Willie Johnson, a gospel blues singer and guitarist from Texas. When he was five, he told […]

9 March, 2014

Who Is My Neighbor? a sermon

Based on Luke 10:25-37 When I was in university, my philosophy professor gave all the students a choice: we could write three-six-page papers and take two written exams or we could write one 25-page paper and take an oral final exam, the only exam of the whole semester. I am clearly a glutton for pain, […]

2 March, 2014

Sometimes We All Need a Pep Talk, a sermon

I know that I’ve talked about Kid President before here. If you haven’t looked him up, please, go home today and google Kid President, and watch his pep talk video. Kid President is a young African American kid who says brilliant things. Like, “We were made to be awesome.” In one Pep Talk, Kid President says: […]

23 February, 2014

Restored Hope and a Revived Sense of the Possible, a sermon

A sermon based on Exodus 3:1-14 and John 9:18-27 Joan Didion, in her book Blue Nights, writes: A doctor to whom I occasionally talk suggests that I have made an inadequate adjustment to aging. Wrong, I want to say. In fact I have made no adjustment whatsoever to aging.  In fact I had lived my […]

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