This Sunday we will pray a prayer about Charlottesville written by Lauren Grubaugh, then a Divinity student, now an ordained minister. It’s nearly two years since that day. That day in the heat in Charlottesville lives in my memory as a dark day, a day that made me wonder if this is what civil war would like like. And a day that stayed in my dreams for months. I’m not so sure we’re better off today. In many ways, we things may be worse. The deaths in El Paso, the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and the ongoing crisis in Black, brown, and LGBTQ+ communities bring backRead More →

Many of my friends are sad right now. Some have lost someone they love. Some are overwhelmed with financial issues. Some have lost faith. Some have lost love. Some are scared about health issues. Some are missing friends and loved ones far away. Some feel far from home. Grace describes how it feels when that deep well of sadness is tapped by her acupuncturist: “Here?” He touches me lightly just where the bottom of my sternum dives down between my ribs. Holy. My face contorts to a sob like someone pulled shut the drawstring of a purse. “Ah,” he says softly. He pulls his handRead More →