Today was one of THOSE days. A Monday of the First Order. Everything I touched, broke. Everything I tried to complete took 15 steps more than it should. Case in point, I went to print labels from the post office web site, which required me to create an account, which I didn’t really need because we already had one, but when I went to reset the password (which we couldn’t remember) on the old account, I accidentally reset the password on the new account, which meant I had to go to another email account to figure out how, and anyway, it took me an hourRead More →

A dear friend of mine tells me all the time that I have a youthfulness about me. Of course, I always think, “Oh, great! He thinks I’m childish!” He says that I’m youthful because I really like to do some things he thinks are goofy. I sew. I make collages (he says, “coll-awww-geeees”). I drive to the store for only a magazine. I like to cook. His point is that I do creative things, things he wouldn’t be able to do because of all of his grown-up responsibilities. He has a “real” job. He has familial obligations. He just doesn’t have time to do creativeRead More →