6 December, 2014

Sitting in the Dark

Today’s #rethinkadvent suggestion is to sit in the dark. Literally. You can give it a try.

I’m reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark.” I’m struck with the idea that the dark isn’t bad–that, in fact, the dark has its own qualities, and if we remove the fear of the dark, we can enjoy the positives aspects of the dark.

It’s such a lesson for all of life. To pull out those things (or people) who fear you, and learn them. Listen to them so that the fear you feel inside stops. Approach them so that they can become loved and accepted, rather than feared and hated.

It’s always a choice: live in fear or live in love. See if you can sit in the dark, and only notice what’s really there, instead of what you fear.

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