Warning! I am posting a sermon here. You are under no obligation to read this… —— Luke 1:26-38; 46-55 A church member responded to my Ask, Seek, Knock sermon of last week, with a very interesting observation. He basically said that the things I was asking him, and each of you, to do, filled him with fear. If you’ll recall, the things I suggested were to Ask for what you need from others, Seek justice for others and the Kingdom of God, and Knock on doors, in other words, build relationships with people, cross the lines of your cubicle, your office doors, your neighborhood andRead More →

The church tends to have two different views of people. Either they are all good or they are all bad. And the working out of both of these positions come to very different places on the pole. Those who think we are all bad tend to treat people who are different really badly. Those who think we are all good tend to not speak much about our role in changing the world. Which is your view? Truthfully, I’m sort of an all-good girl. Which, of course, comes back to bite me in the butt sometimes. I am always surprised when someone does something not-nice toRead More →

My mom always wonders at the fact that calling is imminently connected with money. Preachers always seem to be “called” at the church that pays the most. And they’re always “called” again when someone offers them a job for more money. I’m not sure that this is always true, although it is true in some situations. I know more people who have felt “called” to something that definitely won’t pay. Jobs, that should they be taken on, have no promise of making bank. So most of my friends are busy creating other jobs to go along with their “calling” to pay the bills. One ofRead More →

I wrote this for the Star Light blog in October, 2008: I had a dream a few weeks ago. I was hanging out in a brothel. The brothel was raided by the police. The police started rounding up all of the women there, me included. I kept thinking, “I’m a minister, not a sex worker.” And then I would think, “I can prove it!” Then I realized that I could not prove it. I had nothing on my person or in my purse that proved that I was a minister. I was handcuffed and taken away. I remember being resigned to this, to not fightingRead More →