The BEST Job in the World Today was one of those days… you know them. Kinda dragging in (I mean, come on! It’s the first week of the time change). Meeting with folks at my new “office hours” on the campus of Wake Forest University (I’m in the North Dining Hall Starbucks, Wednesdays at 9:30-11). Within minutes, folks come in, and we’re laughing. Then running over to the “real” office, where, well, more laughter. Then running over to campus and lunch with a staff person. Then time with our Intern, then to the best part of the day… A little background. Last May we discontinuedRead More →

Today, I made a new friend. Sure, we’ve “passed each other on the hall” a few times over the last year or so. We’ve shared the dais on occasion. We share interests and friends in common, and well, similar jobs. But we hadn’t ever sat and talked. Unfortunately, it took an injury to give her the time to do it. But still, it was good. And I am grateful.Read More →

In case you don’t know, I’m a weird eater. No gluten (intolerant), no shellfish (allergic), very little fast food (bleck!) leaves me eating a lot of salads (when I’m in a hurry) and being disappointed in food, a bunch. But not last night… I turned a whole chicken and some veggies and two boxes of Bisquick (one glutinous and the other not) into chicken and dumplings. They were smack-your-momma-good. And even Pockets liked them. I’m grateful for home cooking, and the little gluten-free substitutions that work their wonders, once in a while. Oh! And I’m grateful for leftovers!Read More →

In the new book, Accidental Saints, Finding God in All the Wrong People, Nadia Bolz-Weber, the tattoo-having, curse-word-saying pastor of the Church of All Saints and Sinners, tells of seeking a new saint, one she could model her life after as she began a new church. She found Alma White, who planted a church in 1901. Alma Bridwell White was the founder and a bishop of the Pillar of Fire Church and in 1918, she became the first female bishop in the United States. She was noted for her feminism and “her association with [wait for it…] the Ku Klux Klan, her anti-Catholicism, anti-Semitism, anti-Pentecostalism,Read More →

Today I am grateful for all those who have gone before… All Saint’s Day always reminds me of Barbara Watts–a minister, chaplain, and friend who passed a few years ago. She was the first woman minister ordained by my home congregation. She liked outrageous outfits and matching (fabulous) shoes. She was a role model. And, in so many ways, a saint. Flawed, like all of us. Fiercely feminine. And so loving. She taught me the power of prayer, the niceness of notes, and the supremacy of song. I miss you, Barbie. Thank you.Read More →