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16 July, 2009


A dear friend of mine tells me all the time that I have a youthfulness about me. Of course, I always think, “Oh, great! He thinks I’m childish!” He says that I’m youthful because I really like to do some things he thinks are goofy. I sew. I make collages (he says, “coll-awww-geeees”). I drive to the store for only a magazine. I like to cook.

His point is that I do creative things, things he wouldn’t be able to do because of all of his grown-up responsibilities. He has a “real” job. He has familial obligations. He just doesn’t have time to do creative stuff. But even when I’m busy, I try to make time for creative activities.

I made this owl for the brand-new-baby, Lucy, the first child of my friend Caroline. It’s a goofy owl, but I do like it and had a great time doing it. A little shout out to my friend Jenny who helped!

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Lia Scholl


5 thoughts on “Hooty-Hoo!

    Lucy loves her owl! I am looking forward to a little matching dress for fall. (Hint! Hint!). We had such a great time yesterday.

    You made that?? I love it!!

    I did make it! Although the hand stitched part wasn’t great!

    i didn’t think the owl was very big, but it looks enormous next to teeny little lucy! caroline, she is so gorgeous! congratulations!

    I’ve been away far too long from here.

    LOVE the owl! Lucy is going to love it to shreds when she gets a little older.


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