Lia Claire Scholl

Rogue Reverend


I believe in the power of real relationships. Whether it’s congregational care, working with individuals in the sex industry, or doing cross-religious and cross-cultural dialogue, I feel that deep relationships help us know ourselves better, provide real economic and spiritual benefits, and chase away rainy days.

I’ve been the pastor of the Wake Forest Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for nearly 5 years. Wake Forest Baptist Church is a progressive, justice minded congregation on the campus of Wake Forest University.

In addition to congregational work, I’ve spent nearly 20 years working with people in the sex trades. I’m a sex work and harm reduction activist, and believe that people should have choices about their lives. I wrote¬† I Heart Sex Workers in 2013.

I married My Mister about 3 years ago, and I love being an optional mom to his daughter. Our family time is spent doing arts and crafts and watching Marvel movies.