My friend Meg Vallee and I did a thing at Wild Goose 2019. Here’s what we said. Meg speaks:  So, hi to everyone who chose to join us after lunch, when you really want to nap. Thank you! Welcome to Underground Economies, Radical Politics, and Unconventional Loves. When Lia and I started talking about doing this, we didn’t want to do a typical “you should love and respect sex workers” sort of thing. We think you’re probably already there, right? Instead, we wanted to break down the things we see in sex worker life–the life skills, the advocacy, the resilience, and the community, and seeRead More →

Tuesdays are staff days. Wednesdays are office days, bulletins, newsletters and people stopping by. Thursdays are meetings. Fridays and Saturdays are my “days off.” Sunday is hectic and often unpredictable. Not to mention exhausting. But Monday. Ah, Monday. Monday is my writing day. And so on Mondays, I write. I write newsletter articles, sermons, and thank you notes. And I try to read. The Bible. The commentaries. Twitter. Anything that interests me. So my office on Monday moves from the bed to the sofa to a coffee shop. And my view ranges from a computer screen to an ereader to a group of strangers. HowRead More →

Pam Houston has been my favorite living author since I was in my 20’s, and I first read Cowboys Are My Weakness. There’s just no one in the world that turns a phrase like she does. Imagine my surprise when I saw her new novel, Contents May Have Shifted in my local bookstore. So far, it has not disappointed. And it’s not the story, it’s the phrases. So far this is my favorite: I’m beginning to understand that when we want to kill ourselves, it is not because we are lonely, but because we are trying to break up with the world before the worldRead More →

I don’t know if it makes any sense, but here’s more of the writing. I can’t imagine that it makes much sense to you, since I don’t understand it. I had a lovely evening tonight with a friend from church. I so wanted to explain all of Sunday’s sermon to her, because our conversation went to the same places that the sermon is going. But I just stayed quiet. It’s like saying, “Stay tuned.”Read More →