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1 December, 2013

In Honor of Tom, on Worlds AIDS Day

No worst, there is none. Pitched past pitch of grief, More pangs will, schooled at forepangs, wilder wring. Comforter, where, where is your comforting? Mary, mother of us, where is your relief? My cries heave, herds-long; huddle in a main, a chief Woe, wórld-sorrow; on an áge-old anvil wince and sing — Then lull, then […]

1 December, 2013

Swords into Plowshares, a sermon

Two of my church members at home have a great garden, where they produce fruits and vegetables, and especially flowers. Many Sundays at the Richmond Mennonite Fellowship, we have flowers provided by Esther and Paul. And lots of times they’re in a very special vase. It’s brass, a little misshapen, and it’s made out of […]

22 November, 2013

A Word from My Guru

“There is a spirituality to every kind of theater, and what, I ask you, is more theatrical than a woman doing her best to work it? Costume, makeup, inhabiting a role so thoroughly you’re transformed by it—it’s all there. God’s loving acceptance is a come-as-you-are proposition, but it’s my secretly held belief that every time […]

22 November, 2013

Time Warp

We met for lunch. We were there for only an hour, but it seemed like more. With the waves crashing, the sun bearing down, and the gentle breeze, it seemed almost like a week. When Shelley left yesterday, she said that she felt like she had been in Bali for a long time—much longer than […]

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