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22 August, 2015

Original Sin or Sour Grapes

Two weeks ago, I did a sermon about WHY we should read the Bible. Then last week, I preached an overview of the Hebrew Bible so that you can put people in the stories, understanding the context. This week, we’ll study a terrific (or terror-rific, depending on your point of view) piece of theology, considering […]

16 August, 2015

History of the Hebrew People

Today, I thought I’d take upon myself an “easy” task. The History of the Hebrew People as told by the Hebrew Bible (or, as many of you may know it, The Old Testament). Wonder why I call it the Hebrew Bible? I’m uncomfortable with the idea that it’s “old.” Old makes it sound like it’s […]

9 August, 2015

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Modern evangelicalism just isn’t what it used to be. Roger Olson, former editor of Christianity Today, created a list of the ways evangelicalism has changed. He says that no one talks about Jesus coming back or heaven and hell. And they used to talk a lot about the blood of Jesus. Witnessing to the lost […]

2 August, 2015

Kittens, Unicorns, and Rainbows

Based on Ecclesiastes 1:1-8 and 3:1-8 Some day, just any day, I’d like to preach on something nice. Kittens, maybe. Or unicorns and rainbows. But it won’t be today. I’ve spent the week in a bit of a funk. Yes, it’s been an exciting summer. Yes, we’ve got some really great things going on. But […]

11 January, 2015

Baptism as an act of rebellion and resistance

A sermon based on Matthew 3:1-17 I was baptized by Hiram Lemay in 1980. Brother Lemay was a nice middle aged man who pastored a church called Una Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Brother Lemay looked as much like a preacher as a person can look, with white bucks and a preacher swoop to his […]

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