Okay, I haven’t mentioned the name Pam Houston in ages. Haven’t seen her books. Haven’t read any articles about her or by her, probably in 5 years! Then I wrote that blog post. The very next day, listening to a public radio hybrid in Richmond, I heard a series of short stories read aloud, and hers was the very first one. It’s a strange amount of serendipity. Does that ever happen to you?Read More →

I love books. I have two favorite female writers from this century. Pam Houston and Lily Burana. My favorite Pam Houston quote, from the short story collection, Cowboys Are My Weakness, is “I was addicted to him like cough syrup, and I didn’t respect his mind.” I read that book in the early 1990’s, and I still think of that quote at least once a week. Lily Burana wrote my all-time favorite book, Strip City. Obviously, if you know me, you understand why. Burana combines all the things I love: strippers, memoir, psychological understanding, and just a little bit of religion. I’ve recommended Strip CityRead More →

I went to seminary at a very conservative, Baptist divinity school at Samford University, called Beeson Divinity School. There were a lot of great things about the school, not the least of which was the amazing faculty, who were (for the most part) very supportive of women in ministry. BUT… there were students who were very conservative on the issue of women in ministry, and many times I was told, “You can’t be a minister! You’re a girl!” So while I was in school, I worked as a short-order cook in a local deli. A gay deli. Every day I would go to work andRead More →

I know lots of people think facebook is a waste of time. They’re right. It’s a major huge suck of time, although the newest layout changes are helping me stay off there, and all the problems with their server are helping, too. But there is one amazing thing about facebook. It really connects people, whether they have lost touch or whether they were never really in touch. Meet my friend Steve Huff, one of my favorite facebook finds. Here’s a picture of him from about the time I met him: And I’ve just found a friend from the 7th and 8th grade, a woman IRead More →

My friend, Malcolm Marler, is the chaplain at the 1917 Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. The 1917 Clinic is an HIV/AIDS clinic, and Malcolm has been working to provide compassionate care for folks with HIV/AIDS before treating them with compassion was cool. Malcolm pretty much rocks. He wrote this in his blog today: One day I was asked by one of our nurses if I would talk with a single mom in her 30’s in one of our exam rooms who was recently diagnosed with advanced HIV disease and “was crying a lot.” I seemed to get called for a lot of these situations. I walkedRead More →