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15 November, 2015

Bands of Human Kindness and Cords of Love

A sermon based on Hosea 11. A friend asked in a coffee shop recently: How do you reconcile the idea of a loving God with all that happens in the world? It’s the oldest question in the world. And when we look at the stark horror of what has happened this week in Paris, in […]

9 April, 2010

Things I Wish I Had Learned at 24 (instead of 42)

Loving what you do is really important. But so is a paycheck. Real, abiding love takes commitment and compromise, and is much easier to find and do before you become a crotchety old woman. Boundaries are important, and you should always take your time learning to trust people. Make sure they deserve it. A life […]

28 August, 2009


I’m taking a break this weekend from Twitter. I’m hoping to find that it will make me more creative, more productive, and get me away from the computer. And then, of course, it’s Friday night and I’m writing a blog post. I thought I’d share this song from a book by Marshall Chapman, called Goodbye, […]

16 July, 2009


A dear friend of mine tells me all the time that I have a youthfulness about me. Of course, I always think, “Oh, great! He thinks I’m childish!” He says that I’m youthful because I really like to do some things he thinks are goofy. I sew. I make collages (he says, “coll-awww-geeees”). I drive […]

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