1. Greetings Scholl. I posted a review of your book, I Heart. I welcome your comments so that I may adjust the review to more fairly reflect your views. Although I am quite critical of much of what you had to say, I applaud your willingness to reach out to the ostracized. For this and the abundance of practical advice I found, I left you 5 stars. Although we may sharply disagree on much, I wish you only God’s love and mercy.

    You may contact me at Brianvictor7 at gmail.

  2. Update on my review of your book. I regretfully decided to change my 5 star to 1 due to the doctrinal issues I saw. I invite your feedback.

  3. Thank you for writing ‘I Heart Sex Workers’ and bringing to the forefront the humanity of the PEOPLE involved. It’s a complex issue and prudish responses or the “we don’t talk about that” mentality of some is NOT a solution. Well done.

    Chuck Hirst
    [email protected]

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