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  1. Brian says:

    Greetings Scholl. I posted a review of your book, I Heart. I welcome your comments so that I may adjust the review to more fairly reflect your views. Although I am quite critical of much of what you had to say, I applaud your willingness to reach out to the ostracized. For this and the abundance of practical advice I found, I left you 5 stars. Although we may sharply disagree on much, I wish you only God’s love and mercy.

    You may contact me at Brianvictor7 at gmail.

  2. Brian says:

    Update on my review of your book. I regretfully decided to change my 5 star to 1 due to the doctrinal issues I saw. I invite your feedback.

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    Lia practices radical acceptance for those who the church has vilified and shamed. It's not just something she preaches, but something that she really tries to reflect in her life.

    Sometimes, because of her views, people disagree with her and write comments that seem hateful to the very people to whom she's offering acceptance. These comments are moderated.

    You have the right to your thoughts about people. And you can post them a lot of different places on this interweb. Just not here.

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