4 November, 2015

30 Days of Gratitude-Day 4

The BEST Job in the World

Today was one of those days… you know them. Kinda dragging in (I mean, come on! It’s the first week of the time change). Meeting with folks at my new “office hours” on the campus of Wake Forest University (I’m in the North Dining Hall Starbucks, Wednesdays at 9:30-11). Within minutes, folks come in, and we’re laughing.

Then running over to the “real” office, where, well, more laughter. Then running over to campus and lunch with a staff person.

Then time with our Intern, then to the best part of the day…

A little background. Last May we discontinued Wednesday night suppers because our “chef” retired. Thinking we couldn’t have food that is as good for as cheap, we just cancelled. But by popular demand, Wednesday nights are back. Thanks to a catering menu at Subway and bottled ice tea, we’re meeting again. Proving that it’s not about the food (although we definitely miss the home-cooked part), but it’s about the folks.

I serve the best church ever.

And I’m grateful.

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